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About breeds of cats 
 In all countries there are special clubs which are engaged in cultivation of officially recognized breeds of cats. Each breed has the distinctive features and the standard kind though identical breeds in the different countries differ a little. Besides breed varies in due course. The most important attributes, on which
Distinguish breeds of cats, is a length and color of a wool and the form of a head. Each breed has number and if, for example, in the catalogue of the cat's exhibition it is written: " Blue mountain (16) ", it means, that it is a question of the cat of blue painting living in nursery with the poetical name.
The European wild wood cat merges with surrounding nature owing to striped brown painting. 
The majority of breeds are short-haired cats. For example, the usual house cat is European short-haired. It(she) can be white with blue or yellow eyes, and also black, grey, red or brown, striped, in a speck or spotty - such cats any more one century live in villages.  people who are engaged in cultivation and studying of cats - especially love "noble" cats, such, for example, as Siamese, burmese, Abyssinian, Persian. And in numerous clubs are engaged mainly in cultivation of thoroughbred cats.

Russian blue cat

The first figure of a blue-eyed short-haired cat with a black muzzle, tips of ears, a tail and paws was executed by German naturalist Peter Simon Pallas. It was in 1794. In the Central Asia.

Certainly, you have guessed, that speech about a Siamese cat - it(she) began so to refer to since in 1884 English consul Ouen Gud has brought two such cats from Siam (now - Thailand). Possibly, they were there temple animals. In the Europe they have caused sensation, since then and began to plant Siamese cats.

Siamese cat
Siamese cat (forces-points). At Siamese cats always blue eyes. 
Siamese kittens are born milky-white color. And only gradually they on  have black, dark brown or bluish spots(stains), as a rule, on those sites of a body, where bad blood supply.At today's thoroughbred Siamese cats a lean body, a narrow head, blue eyes and widely placed ears. "Cats" of this breed very hardy, clever, they love a society, willingly pry everywhere and even allow to drive itself on vodka.

Abyssinian cats
Playful and reasonable Abyssinian cats like to run about. 
Similar character and at the relative Siamese - a temperamental burmese short-haired cat. In comparison with Siamese burmese cats are little bit larger, at them Golden-yellow eyes, and  has uniform dark brown painting.On the West they have got so: in 1930 the great-grandmother of the future American short-haired Burmans, nut cat Wong Mau, has got on eyes American which has brought it(her) in San Francisco. Later it was found out, that it is a hybrid Siamese and burmese. And further experts on deducing(removing) breeds have tried, that in posterity attributes burmese whenever possible prevailed

The Persian cat with a brown-marble wool in divorces
The Persian cat with a brown-marble wool in divorces. 
The Scottish lop-eared breed of cats, with trailing ears. In many breeds gray-blue copies which sometimes consider(count) as independent breed come across. For example, breed  is blue burmese. And here so favourite in England Russian blue seamen from Arkhangelsk have presumably delivered. Already five centuries at monks in monastery in France live cats breeds. Their distinctive attributes - the important gait, the latent character, amber eyes and a silent voice

Snow-white Angora cat
Snow-white Angora cat - such plant in Turkey in a zoo of Ankara. Milky-white  concerns to the most beautiful Persian cats.The Persian cat of a smoky coloring (" a black smoke ") with a magnificent long wool. On the cats lived in Ancient Egypt, are most of all similar Abyssinian and Egyptian ???. In an apartment they do not love a city life, as it is necessary for them to walk much. At these animals green or yellow eyes, a narrow mobile body with long paws. At both breeds brownish  but Egyptian ??? sometimes has black spots(stains), and distinctive feature of abyssinians are multi-colour  them ???????, for example: at the basis white, and on a tip brown, with two or three black points.
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