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Choosing breed, try to find out pluss and minuses of everyone on which your choice has stopped. Perhaps, one any characteristic will be at once to refuse this breed enough. Many dogs at purchase do not consider the important things: You live in a city apartment  Hardly for protection of a private residence you need a lap dog, and here to sit in an armchair with thatin a lap very much even pleasantly.– Whether greater(big) at you an apartment or to your wolfhound will have to develop twice, to lay down at a door? Whether means to support large "pets" will suffice you or to it(him) will have to starve?Whether will get physical strengths to bear(take out) a dog on street if with it(her) to happen any misfortune, and to spoil in an apartment it(she) not in a condition?These problems are solved? Then it is possible to think of a large dog. If the dog will live in an apartment, you will accept breed small or average in the sizes. A dog of the big size it becomes unconditional the same big problem:) That it will be furniture, aggression or still something, it is complex(difficult) to guess. But it is unequivocal, the dog not having sufficient space for itself suffers itself and causes inconveniences to owners. Be not guided by the sizes of puppies. They quickly grow, and the young mastiff later some months will be much more than you can expect.

Here the joke is pertinent, how the muzhik with a polar bear goes on the Bird's market and searches for the one who to it(him) back  has sold half a year.Purpose(Assignment,Destination) of a dog - the important detail. That it is necessary for you: the murderer recognizing one owner, or a dog, loyal to all members of family, including
Dogs - security guards: animals of suitable customs for protection of the "" territory and the owner from strangers or even from all that moves;).
Type of a wool: very important parameter which many underestimate. For example, boxers, Dobermann terriers,  terriers and in general all "naked" dogs badly transfer(carry) a cold. Therefore for them additional means of protection against frosts be required or they should be tempered. Dogs long-haired demand additional attention and care of self. For example, a poodle, you will cut the schnauzer in any way less often than time in two months. And in hot months if you are merciful, you will cut the favourite even once a month. Besides from "hairy" dogs (the sheep-dog,  it is a lot of wool. Not without reason speak: has bought(purchased) the sheep-dog – buy a scoop and a broom!  and airdales do not fade, but two times in their year it is necessary  that is to delete an old wool, and it is lasting many hours procedure. However, you can invite the expert Whether you have time to take care of a dog?: if you have not enough time and it(she) will be the captive in the closed apartment the most part of day it is better to refuse idea to have a dog. - to the partner, it is necessary a dog, and especially a dog human attention.You have the child and wish to present it(him) of the friend? Know, that small children till 5 years, consider(examine) a dog as a toy. And they can try to act(arrive) with it(her) as well as with other toys. If you have not guessed yet that I mean, I shall tell - they will try to disassemble it(her):) it is clear, that the dog will protect itself and thus can wound or even to mutilate your kidGreater(Big) and small breeds should not be bought for small children. Small dog your child will be and that cannot resist to it(him). It is clear, that the child risks to grow(grow up) the sadist, and ??????? to die much more before the put term. Large ??? itself can terrorize your kid. For this reason for children I recommend to buy a dog of the average
Sharp" breeds: it has been proved, that there are breeds with greater ability to training. For example, "clever" breed considers . On ability to training you can see a rating of breedsAh, at the neighbour the Asian! , same want! " And that Asians are artful enough, aggressive and " will not be played with ours ", and with quiet conscience will lay it(her) on asphalt, newly made owners will understand too late. Therefore – advice(council). Do not follow a fashion, recognize that a fashion in a year will change, and the dog remains!


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